Acr Bivy Survival Kit W/Solar Panel

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Acr Bivy Survival Kit W/Solar Panel

Bivy Survival Kit with Solar Panel 

With global satellite coverage via the Iridium satellite network, anywhere you have a view of the sky, you can communicate through the Bivy Stick.   While conveniently compact, the Bivy Stick still offers a comprehensive feature set including two-way text messaging, SOS, location sharing, one-touch Check-in and detailed weather reports sent straight to your cell phone via satellite.

Simply Activate the Bivy Stick SOS via the button on the device or through the app. on your phone.  The Bivy Stick subscription includes 24/7 monitoring by Global Rescue.  Activating the SOS will allow you to communicate with Global Rescue via text or if you are unable to communicate via text – Search & Rescue will be guided to your GPS location.

No need to worry about plugging in the Bivy Stick to power it.  The Solar Panel gives you quick, easy and efficient 15W of charging.

When Search and Rescue arrives on the scene, the bright LED C-Strobe H2O strobe light will get rescuers’ attention at night, or in daylight hours use the signal mirror to gain their attention.

Store all your emergency gear inside the RapidDitch Dry Bag to keep your survival kit conveniently together.

In the Box:

  • Bivy Stick (4601)
  • Bivy Solar Panel (4605)
  • C-Strobe H2O Rescue Light (3964.1)
  • Signal Mirror
  • Res-Q™ Whistle (2228)
  • RapidDitch Dry Bag

* Sold as a Kit

Weight 1 kg
Dimensions 10 × 10 × 5 cm


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