Acr Plb Resqlink 400 & Olas Tag Survival Kit

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Acr Lowpro V4 Cat Ii Manual Release Bracket F/Rlb-41

LowPro V4 Cat II Manual Release Bracket for RLB-41

This low-profile bracket features an incredibly small footprint for bulkhead mounting. Made of high-density, UV-stabilized polyethylene, the RLB-41 Manual Release Bracket will securely store your ACR RLB-41 EPIRB and provides a quick release latch for fast access in an emergency.


  • One-way mounting eliminates the possibility of installing EPIRB backwards
  • Integral de-activation magnet prevents the EPIRB from transmitting until deployed
  • Works with the ACR GlobalFix™ V4 (RLB-41)

Manufacturer Part Number: 2833

Weight 1 kg
Dimensions 10 × 10 × 5 cm


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