Uflex Yamaha 90-115hp Zero Torque Feedback Tiller

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Uflex Yamaha 90-115hp Zero Torque Feedback Tiller

Yamaha 90-115 Zero Torque Feedback Tiller

The four stroke outboard engines are generating high torque loads which can make tiller steered boats difficult to steer. The Uflex® ZTF Tiller systems eliminate propeller torque at the tiller handle when the driver is not actively changing direction.

Using a hydraulic valve, the propeller torque is locked from reaching the tiller handle unless the driver pushes or pulls on the end of the handle, at which point the valve opens and allows for active steering movements.

Now you can drive your tiller steered boat in comfort, saving your energy for reeling in fish rather than effort to just get to your favorite fishing spot.

Manufacturer Part Number: ZTF TILLER Y1

Weight 1 kg
Dimensions 10 × 10 × 5 cm


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